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Still River at OxbowNashua River at Still River Oxbow
—Photo courtesy of DCR.

Rediscovering the Native Landscape
Emphazises the natural and scenic landscape and the sense of place the land evokes.

Oxbow Wildlife Refuge *
Nashua River Watershed Association

Shaker HouseHouse at Shaker Village
—Photo courtesy of DCR.

Inventing the New England Landscape
Describes how people shaped the landscape to their use and in turn the landscape shaped their society.

Fruitlands Museum *
Downloadable documents
Harvard's Landscape Inventory.pdf

Harvard Roads Final Report.pdf
Harvard Center Cemetery.pdf

Harvard CommonHarvard Common
—Photo courtesy of DCR

Shaping the Landscape of Democracy
Focuses on the importance of FW's intellectual and social history and its famous thinkers, experimenters and visonaries, such as Emerson, Thoreau and Alcott.

Paths of the Patriots

Downloadable document
Harvard Paths of the Patriots.pdf

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