In accordance with its mandate, Freedom’s Way Heritage Association (The Association), the heritage area’s local coordinating entity, has prepared a management plan, approved by the Office of the Secretary of the Interior in July 2015, to guide the initiatives and activities of the heritage area over the next five to ten years.

The local coordinating entity and its role is central to the concept of the heritage area, envisioned as a partnership of local, regional, state, and national organizations working in tandem to implement a shared agenda for the region. As the coordinating entity, The Association is responsible for achieving that outcome and is at the center of the heritage area’s multi-faceted activities.

The management plan outlines how The Association, working closely with its partners throughout the heritage area, plans to fulfill the vision and mission conceived and expressed in its enabling legislation’s statement of purpose to manage preserve, protect and interpret the heritage areas cultural, historic, and natural resources for the educational and inspirational benefit of future generations.


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