Lexington was first settled in 1642 as part of Cambridge, Massachusetts, and incorporated as a parish called Cambridge Farms in 1691 and later as an independent town in 1713. Vine Brook, which runs through Lexington, Burlington, and Bedford and empties into the Shawsheen River, was a focal point in Colonial times of farming and industry, providing for mills, and in the 20th century for farm irrigation.

On April 19, 1775, what many regard as the first battle of the Revolutionary War took place in Lexington. Today, its Common, also known as the Battle Green, is graced by monuments and surrounded by historical buildings including Buckman Tavern, which was a favorite gathering place for Militiamen.

Lexington grew modestly and for decades remained largely a farming community. The advent of rail line service in 1846 and the construction of the Route 128 corridor in the 1950’s facilitated both business and residential expansion.


County: Middlesex
Settled: 1642
Incorporated: 1713
Population: 31,394
Area: 16.5 square miles


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