The Freedom’s Way Heritage Association, founded in 1994 and incorporated as a 501 c (3) nonprofit organization, was identified in the Freedom’s Way National Heritage Area enabling legislation as the local coordinating entity for the heritage area.

As a partnership endeavor, the Freedom’s Way Heritage Association serves as facilitator, host, and guide for heritage area-wide presentation and activities. The Association recognizes the special identity of the region and works to preserve and enhance the natural and cultural resources that define its sense of place. The heritage area’s programs and initiatives are offered by organizations within the region and coordinated by the Freedom’s Way Heritage Association.

As a catalyst for communication and collaboration, the Association is strategic and entrepreneurial in its approach to promote a place‐based identity for the heritage area that celebrates and protects its natural, historic, and cultural resources.

The heritage area has a special relationship with the National Park Service and Minute Man National Historical Park based on the organizational structure defined in the heritage area’s enabling legislation and upon shared interests in historical significance, story, and the mission of identifying and preserving natural and historic resources for the benefit of future generations.


We connect the people, places and communities of the Heritage Area through preservation, conservation and educational initiatives to protect and promote our shared resources and encourage residents and visitors to explore our landscape, history and culture.


The Heritage Area is a place where people are inspired by the historical and intellectual traditions that underpin the concepts of freedom, democracy, conservation and social justice. Building upon this legacy, we collaborate to create strong communities and support a regional identity.



Four overall goals have been developed, representing aspects of the heritage area’s principal fields of endeavor and furthering the heritage area’s mission and vision.

  1. To foster a culture of stewardship to preserve the natural, historic and cultural resources of the heritage area as a legacy for future generations.
  2. To engage and collaborate with organizations, interests and individuals to create a shared regional vision as a living link across landscapes, history and time.
  3. To promote sustainable communities throughout the heritage area that reinforce its character and sense of place.
  4. To inspire generations of lifelong learners through innovative educational and interpretive initiatives that connect stories – past and present – to residents and national and international visitors.


November 2017 — November 2018


Margaret E. Bagdonas, President
Margaret Coppe, Secretary/Clerk
Paul T. Przybyla, Treasurer


Anne S. DeBoalt
Tim Castner
Peter Lowitt
Will Ludt
Wyona Lynch-McWhite
Cheryl S. Steele


Patrice Todisco, Executive Director

Amy Tarlow-Lewis, Program Consultant

Maud Ayson, Consulting Program Director

Desiree Demski-Hamelin, NPS-RTCA Community Assistance Fellow

Linda Bowie, Communications Manager

Richard Gioiosa, Graphic Designer

Advisory Council 2018

American Antiquarian Society
Worcester, MA
James David Moran
Vice President for Programs & Outreach

Arlington Historical Society
Arlington, MA
Sara Lundberg
Executive Director

Beaver Brook Association
Hollis, NH
Celeste Philbrick-Barr
Executive Director

Chair City Community Arts Center
Gardner, MA
Tracie Pouliot

Concord Museum
Concord, MA
Suzi Fonda
Director of Education and Public Programs

Fitchburg Art Museum
Fitchburg, MA
Rebecca Wright
Development Director

Fort Devens Museum
Devens, MA
Kara Fossey
Executive Director

495/MetroWest Partnership
Westborough, MA
Jessica Strunkin
Deputy Director

Friends of the Middlesex Fells Reservation
Medford and Malden, MA
Ron Morin
Executive Director

Friends of Sholan Farms
Leominster, MA
Joanne DiNardo
President, Board of Directors

Fruitlands Museum
Harvard, MA
Guy Hermann
General Manager, Fruitlands Museum, The Old Manse and Greater Concord

Great American Downtown
Nashua, NH
Paul Shea
Executive Director

Groton Trails Committee
Groton, MA
Paul Funch

Lexington Historical Society
Lexington, MA
Erica Dumont

Mass Audubon - Drumlin Farm
Lincoln, MA
Renata Pomponi
Sanctuary Director

Massachusetts Historical Society
Boston, MA
Kathleen Barker
Director Center for the Teaching of History

Museum of Russian Icons
Clinton, MA
Kent Russell
CEO & Curator

New Hampshire Preservation Alliance
Concord, NH
Jennifer Goodman
Executive Director

Preservation Massachusetts
Plymouth, MA
James W. Igoe

Sudbury Valley Trustees
Sudbury, MA
Lisa Vernegaarde
Executive Director

The Robbins House
Concord, MA
Maria Madison

The Royall House and Slave Quarters
Medford, MA
Collins Warren
Board Member

The Walden Woods Project
Concord, MA
Whitney Retallic
Director of Education

Thoreau Farm
Concord, MA
Margaret Carroll-Bergman
Executive Director

Wachusett Mountain State Reservation (DCR)
Princeton, MA
Denise Morrissey
Park Supervisor

Walden Pond State Reservation (DCR)
Concord, MA
Jennifer Ingram
Visitor Services Supervisor

Wayside Inn
Sudbury, MA
Steve Pickford


Freedom's Way National Heritage Area
94 Jackson Road, Suite 311
Devens, MA 01434


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